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Infrared Thermographic Scanning is a fast and effective way to detect any potential problems in your electrical equipment, before they become serious faults. It is an essential part of electrical equipment maintenance, saving you money by preventing breakdowns and repairs.

Thermal imaging is a non-contact technology used to help identify potential electrical, mechanical or process problems from a safe distance. This means you can scan moving, elevated and high temperature surfaces without needing to get up close.

SSL DEV uses the recently released, Fluke Ti32 Thermal Image Camera, directly from the United States, which delivers the clear, crisp images that are needed to find and fix problems fast. The camera scans your equipment and provides detailed images and information about the temperature of the various parts of the equipment. Any “hot spots” can then be further investigated at a time most convenient for your business, and any faults rectified in a timely manner.

A comprehensive report detailing colour infrared images, photograph showing areas of concern, results tables and recommendations, will be provided by SSL DEV once your thermographic scan has been completed for your perusal. Your SSL DEV Project Manager would be pleased to discuss this report with you and arrange any preventative works.